I have a passion for helping women

make as smooth a transition as possible

to becoming mothers.

melina auerbach

I am especially interested in supporting women and their babies to have a successful breastfeeding experience. I have trained as a breastfeeding counselor in Holland as well as in Canada (the Douglas College breastfeeding counselor course for health care professionals). I have taken the post-partum doula training at Douglas College and am a DONA certified post-partum doula.  I am a member of the Doula Services Association of B.C. and am on their referral list for post-partum doulas. I have a Master’s in Public Health, a B.A. in social anthprology, and have worked in a variety of health policy, community development, and health education positions in Canada and abroad. I currently teach breastfeeding classes with the Childbearing Society.

and facilitate post partum groups for new mothers at Pomegranate Midwives in Vancouver.

I became a doula and breast feeding counsellor through my
personal experiences of having my own children.

I realized after becoming a mother that the very special transformation that takes place when a new family is born is one that is both magical, challenging, and a time of great vulnerability.  Having a non-judgmental and knowledgeable guide through the transition of having a baby can make a huge difference in how families cope (both in terms of personal relations but also our parenting strategies in the future).

I can offer women warm and supportive listening...

and emotional support, practical skills and advice around caring for your newborn, and practical assistance with having a successful breastfeeding experience. The first weeks/months after a baby is born are a very special time for a family and I would be honoured to work with families to make this transition as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.

Both of my children (9 and 6) were born in Holland where it is customary for all mothers to get in-home support for the initial period following birth. New parents are so vulnerable to all of the different advice that people give out and can really benefit from having a reliable, empathetic, and professional source of information. A knowledgeable and supportive doula can make a big difference in this initial period. With the arrival of my second child, we had a doula who really made the weeks after my daughter was born ideal. We were able to relax under her care as her support made our transition from a family of 3 to to a family of 4 incredibly smooth and relaxing.  It is that experience that I wish to support for new and experienced mothers. A smooth beginning can make all the difference!


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and be sure to check my list of Services.

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